Italy factory visit

November 2017

After my arrival in Italy I visited the factory named Tonello in Sarcedo, Italy. Tonello is constantly searching for the newest sustainable technologies for garment finishing. They use, for example, a lasermachine to make a vintage look on jeans. Normally a stone wash is not sustainable and requires high manual labor. Tonello makes a stone wash effect by their patent system called "No stone". This visit was really inspiring and instructive in terms of sustainablility and innovation. I am interested in denim and the denim proces. The denim industry is one with still a lot of opportunities in terms of sustainability. 

After this we travelled to the factory Berto which is located in Padova. It was impressive to see all the rolls of cotton yarns which were prepared for the dying proces. The whole factory smelled a certain way, this is the smell of the indigo dye. The yarns that are spun on a rol are going trough a bad of indigo paint as you can see on the picture. The more often the yarns are going through the bad, the darker blue it gets. It was an impressive experience because this was the first time I visited a real fabric factory. 

The third factory I visited was Beste located in Prato. Beste produces for companies like Massimo Dutti, Zara, D&G, Armani and Ferragama. Also they have their own brand named Monovi. Beste is specialised in producing seamless outerwear. First the patterns are glued together with ultrasound and after this a tape is thermally glued on the seams. This method of making seamless clothing was really impressive and precision is required. I also learned a lot about different kind of machines used in a factory, for example the Giggermachine that is used for dying a whole roll of fabric.